Holiday tips for home security

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The holiday season is upon us and as many are decorating and putting up the tree, there should also be safety measures in check for home theft. It’s all too common for burglaries to spike during the next few weeks not only in the home, but vehicles and storage areas too.

Regarding home security, it is a good idea to have a safety check around the home to keep make sure it is put to par. Below are a few tips to help get you started.

Windows & Doors

You should always think about your doors for home security. In many cases, the lock strike plate is the weak point in a door so you may want to upgrade to a stronger strike plate while securing it to the doorframe.

Almost a quarter of robberies occur through windows, so having them properly equipped is a must. By adding a wireless alarm on your windows, you can add another barrier.


Lighting is usually all around during Christmas, but make sure the interior and exterior of your home are always properly illuminated. During night hours or when you are away, keep indoor lights on and always have porch lights and other lights on as well.

Don’t call attention to your home

If you are going to be away for the holidays, then try to keep things normal around the home. Leave vehicles parked in the driveway and possibly a light on inside the house. Also, let your neighbors or a friend pick up your mail so it appears as if nothing has changed.

Cameras and alarms

Security cameras and alarms are always a good measure to help against break-ins. Whether it is a decoy or the real thing, it’s appearance and ability to deter burglars is worthwhile.


Upgrading your locks around the home is ideal for home security. Adding a deadbolt lock to a door or even a cross-bar locking system to a door can add an extra step of protection.