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Spring is perfect time for air conditioning maintenance

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Spring and fall are perfect times for an air conditioning maintenance check to take place. With warmer temperatures on the horizon, troubleshooting in the spring will help with savings in the summer. If you are thinking about home maintenance this spring, then most companies like HomeSquad will conduct a HVAC repair service call that includes checking the thermostat […]

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Home maintenance tips for spring

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Spring has arrived and this time of year many will begin several home maintenance projects. At HomeSquad, we enjoy this time of year in assisting our clients in their outdoor tasks. Chances are you may have in mind a few items on your checklist, but we’ve compiled a few starting points to examine going into […]


Painting an important home maintenance task

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Spring is around the corner and home maintenance will take center stage for many homeowners. With that in mind, out of all home maintenance tasks, painting is one that always leads the pack whether it is for an interior or exterior use. Understanding which paint to pick for your home maintenance task is key. Oil-based and […]


Why is home maintenance important?

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Why is home maintenance important? This is a good question for many homeowners. Whether you have lived in your house for years or recently moved into a new home, you understand that home maintenance is vital. Indoor tasks, lawn care and other weekly chores normally comprise the home maintenance check list. But when you get […]


Can snow and ice damage your HVAC system?

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Murfreesboro was one of many areas last week that witnessed the first snowstorm of the season. While accumulation was tame compared to other areas, snow can impact the daily lives of many people when not expected. While many were appreciative to see the snowfall and happy to spend their time enjoying a day off with […]


How to avoid home repair scams in cold winter months

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The weather has turned to colder temperatures this month and when it relates to Murfreesboro home repair services, there can be many that arise. HVAC systems can have problems during cold weather and roof repair may be a concern with storm or ice damage. In the home repair and restoration business, home owners should be […]


New year resolutions for Murfreesboro homewoners

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The new year is just a few short days away and many Murfreesboro homewoners are planning their resolutions for the new year. While many fall under the category of health and work goals, it is a good idea to consider a few resolutions for your home. After all, it is an investment and it is […]


HVAC repair and plumbing maintenance tips for beginners

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It’s a common occurrence for items to be repaired in a home. From the real estate agent making simple repairs with a client or the longtime homeowner, maintenance and prevention are key around the home. Whether it is an air conditioning unit not functioning properly or leaky faucets and a minor plumbing repair, you know […]


Holiday tips for home security

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The holiday season is upon us and as many are decorating and putting up the tree, there should also be safety measures in check for home theft. It’s all too common for burglaries to spike during the next few weeks not only in the home, but vehicles and storage areas too. Regarding home security, it […]


HVAC maintenance one of many ways to save on heating bill

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It’s entering the second half of November and most of Middle Tennessee can expect a few changes in temperature over the next few weeks. During this transition, it may have many switching their thermostat from “cool” to “heat” within no time. As in most home scenarios, lowering a utility bill can help with savings during […]