New year resolutions for Murfreesboro homewoners

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The new year is just a few short days away and many Murfreesboro homewoners are planning their resolutions for the new year. While many fall under the category of health and work goals, it is a good idea to consider a few resolutions for your home. After all, it is an investment and it is where you spend many of your days. So looking forward to a prosperous new year, HomeSquad has a few resolutions to help homeowners jumpstart the new year.

  • Reducing energy use may be a good place to start in 2016. HVAC systems and ductwork are key to energy usage and if they are cleaned and maintained then they can save money and increase efficiency for future days. A new system can be costly, so making sure your HVAC system is in the best shape is vital.
  • In the same manner, improving air quality in the home should be a starting point in the new year.  Again, clean air is tied to the HVAC system and ductwork. Keep air filters cleaned and change regularly during peak months. An investment on quality air filters on the front end, will go a long way for clean air.
  • Check for any repairs that may be needed in the home. Is there a need for interior painting or exterior painting? Give your roof a visual inspection to check and see if it needs repaired. Is all electrical wiring up to date and are there any outlets that need replaced? Questions like this for each room and area of the home will give you a good understanding of common repairs.

By considering a few of these resolutions, your home can be in the best shape of its life in just a few short weeks.