Can snow and ice damage your HVAC system?

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Murfreesboro was one of many areas last week that witnessed the first snowstorm of the season. While accumulation was tame compared to other areas, snow can impact the daily lives of many people when not expected.

While many were appreciative to see the snowfall and happy to spend their time enjoying a day off with their family, there is a chance your HVAC system may not welcome it next time.

After a large snowfall, water can be a major culprit in damaging a HVAC system. Make sure your HVAC unit has proper drainage around it to keep it safe for future days.

Some obstacles that may be presented are melting snow refreezing on pipes and corrosion. Water damage can decrease the functionality of an HVAC system and its overall performance. 

In the same manner, melted snow can drip from the home to the heat pump and fan. If the unit has a solid layer of ice around it, then you should monitor the situation and seek the advice of a professional as the buildup could cause damage.

Regular HVAC maintenance is key throughout the winter for peak efficiency and a HomeSquad technician can always visit your home for an HVAC inspection. HVAC repair can be expensive so keeping and eye on the system is good practice.