Five items to consider for fall home maintenance

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Home Maintenance and Home Repair

Though Labor Day just passed and is usually the final send off to summer, we know that fall is just around the corner. Sure there will be a few more days with hot temperatures, but the nights will be cooler and fall home maintenance will be on the minds of many in the Murfreesboro area.


Exterior paint can be one of the first steps to improve the look of a home. If paint is peeling or cracking, then it is a good sign it is no longer protecting the home. If left unattended, then it could cost more to repair down the line.

Gutter Cleaning

Once the leaves begin to fall, gutter cleaning is a top priority. Leaf guards can aid in protection, but clogged gutters can cause more damage in the winter if they are not cleaned properly

Roofing Inspections

Weather conditions from season to season can destroy roofs. Rain, ice, wind, snow are all contributors and homeowners should be proactive when maintaining roofs as it is always the first barrier against most elements.

HVAC repair is an essential item on the home checklist for fall.

HVAC repair is an essential item on the home checklist for fall.

Deck Repair

The next few months will be an ideal time to clean the deck and outdoor furniture. With deck ownership, there is also great responsibility that revolves around weatherproofing.

HVAC Repair

With the first cold snap, many will switch their settings to heat. But before you make the big switch, HVAC repair and maintenance should be considered. There are several internal parts that keep the unit running smoothly and regular maintenance is advised.

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