HVAC and cost saving tips for cold weather months

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This past week, we had a stretch of cool temperatures and it probably had many Murfreesboro residents wanting to switch from cool to heat in a hurry. Before you flip the switch to “heat” permanently, remember these few tips to help with the electric bill during colder months.

Many will look to keep the same setting all the time while others will dip and move the thermostat to other settings. So which is the right approach? An HVAC unit has to work harder to bring a temperature up than maintaining a steady temperature. So keeping a standard setting will be cost-effective in time.

In the same regard, many look to turn down the thermostat when they are on vacation or periods of low activity in the home. This can help cut the cost as well.

Maintaining windows and doors can also help with the electric bill. Proper weatherstripping and caulking can help keep heat inside while certain shades and blinds can aid in the process too. Cold air can enter through gaps in doors and windows very easily and being proactive will help in the long run.

These are a few tips to help with cost savings during the fall. HomeSqaud can assist in several service checks around the home including HVAC service and window and door replacement among others.