HVAC maintenance one of many ways to save on heating bill

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It’s entering the second half of November and most of Middle Tennessee can expect a few changes in temperature over the next few weeks. During this transition, it may have many switching their thermostat from “cool” to “heat” within no time.

As in most home scenarios, lowering a utility bill can help with savings during the fall months before the extreme temperature hit in the middle of winter.

One way to help lower the electric bill is to check for openings in doors and windows. Worn weatherstripping can be a culprit for a higher electric bill if not maintained. Almost ten percent of a home’s heat is lost through doors and windows.

Another way to conserve energy is to install a programmable thermostat. They are cost-effective and can help save money if they are set on a constant temperature.

Home maintenance is also key. You should check your insulation and ductwork as well. In most scenarios, they can consume a large chunk of energy loss if they are not maintained. In the same manner, HVAC repair and HVAC maintenance is vital as well. It is important to know the date an HVAC unit was installed and the repairs on it, especially if you are a new home owner.

Of course, a portable heater is always a good way to heat the home during the transition months. There are many options and they can heat a large area and help shed a few dollars on the electric bill.

These are a few ideas to keep in mind and remember HomeSqaud can assist with HVAC maintenance and window and door replacement. For more information, contact HomeSquad by clicking here.